Julian Neville – Berlin-based creative vessel

Julian was born in 1979 near Munich and has lived all over Germany and in the United States. He moved to Berlin in 2012, feeling drawn to the creative, playful and open spirit of the city and began tapping into that vein by editing music videos. They soon became viral, receiving millions of views and Julian’s editing career took off almost instantly.

He also soon started editing commercials and documentary trailers. People like to work with him because of his fresh and contemporary editing style which comes from a diverse creative background in film and media art. Besides working as an editor, Julian also directs documentaries and music videos. When he is not editing for clients he is currently cutting his music documentary “We Call It Beats,” for which he received the Villa Aurora stipend.

Julian studied Film and Media Art at the HfG Karlsruhe and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, graduating with honors in 2007. He has made short fiction films, documentaries, experimental films, performance videos, has trained as an actor, a dancer and shown his work internationally at acclaimed festivals and museums.

Having worked in almost every key position in film crews, Julian has a thorough understanding of all elements of film production and film storytelling. No matter what type of project he does, Julian is passionate about finding contemporary and fitting ways of editing.

Julian is bilingual in English and German and speaks French fluently.

Porsche, Mercedes, Mini, Saturn, E Plus, ebay, Coke, Kayak, Otto, Fisherman’s Friend, Maggi, Outfittery, Zalando, Generali, Mont Blanc, Red Cross, Universal Music, MC Fitti, Zoot Woman, ARD, MDR, 3Sat

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